Primary Teacher Training Course (PTT)

Primary Teachers Training course educates the techniques and teaching methodologies required to teach children at Primary schools. The Primary teacher training course is available both online and in classroom. Online PTT courses are more popular in recent times. To build up the sensibilities, a Primary teacher needs to be systematically trained to work with a child that helps in soft transition between home and school by providing love and care.

Significance of PTT Course:
National Institute of Education Teacher Training Course provides a platform for aspiring as well as professionals to facilitate child centric learning through story telling, rhymes, games and play. This course helps the teachers to learn the methods of planned teaching through play and experiments. The training course often includes several new-age techniques and computer education. A primary teacher needs to be imaginative and flexible with a focus on best possible child development physically, emotionally and socially.

Eligibility for Primary Teacher Training course : Anyone who has passed 10+2 can join the course

Duration of the Course : 2 years

NIE way of teaching is different from the other institues. Apart from Study NIE motivates students to take part in Cultural Actitivites, every festival is celebrated in NIE whether it is Republic or Independence Day, Teej, Holi, Diwali, Christmas and New Year.

NIE Provides:

  • Theory and Practical Class, where Students learn how to teach and handle the students.
  • Art & Crafts Class, Students learn drawing and how to decorate the class and school.
  • Personality and Development, in this class focus is on students gromming, removing hesistation and improving english speaking.

Certification & Career
On successful completion of the PTT course, the student will receive Diploma/Certificate.

  • Work as primary teacher in any private or public school
  • Join as as a pre-primary teacher in nursery school.
  • Work as a coordinator in a school or preschool.

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